Helping women combat the signs of aging on their face naturally so that they can achieve a toned, youthful face without toxic chemicals or invasive procedures.

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Vidhya Swaroop on Bloom Face Yoga


How I Help Women

Take charge of your face in your own hands

I get it, aging can be hard! Watching the signs of aging like wrinkles and sagging can be frustrating….If you are like me, who don’t want to take the path of invasive procedures like Botox, fillers and face lift surgeries, you must be feeling helpless and trying your best to accept the aging process gracefully but finding it really hard to do so.

I promise you, you don’t have to choose between invasive procedures or watching your face go down and do nothing about it.


There is a happy-in-between!!  A completely natural way of looking and feeling great at any age.

If you don’t like what you see in the mirror - It's time to make a change! You can absolutely learn to age on your own terms. All you need is the right action plan, support and accountability! 



Age With Confidence

The Face Sculpting Method

The Face Sculpting Method (FSM) is one of a kind, 12 weeks online transformational coaching program taking you from frustration and helplessness to a place where you can feel confident knowing exactly how to take care of your face and look the best version of yourself at any age. 

The program not only helps you tackle your aging signs but also completely changes the trajectory of the way you age in the future.


For the women who have been through this program, fear of aging or 'anti-aging' is a thing of the past. They now look forward to it with happiness and excitement.

Vidhya Swaroop on Bloom Face Yoga
Vidhya Swaroop on Bloom Face Yoga


A New Way To Approach Aging

Your age doesn’t have to define your appearance. Let me show you how!

‘Anti-Aging’ is the most prevalently and dominantly used in the Beauty Industry today. Like it or not, Aging is a fact of life! So ‘Anti-Aging’ is only a myth.

Pro-Aging is all about embracing age and finding ways to take better care of yourself so that you can be the best version of yourself at any age.

Stop chasing short-term, superficial, so-called ‘anti-aging' solutions and empower yourself with self-care practices, knowledge, skills, and tools required to be in control of your aging process and age on your own terms.


Want to transform your face naturally??... I Can Help!

Whether your concerns are wrinkles, sagging, asymmetries, uneven skin tone, or dull skin, I will work right alongside you as we create a step-by-step plan for you to take control of your aging signs and achieve a toned and lifted face.

No more stacking your shelves with dozens of anti-aging products. No more wasting money on products that promise miracles but leave you disappointed. No more second-guessing or wondering if what you're doing is making things better or worse. Finally fill your self-care toolbox with positive strategies that help you age confidently and beautifully in a natural, holistic way. What are you waiting for? 

Vidhya Swaroop on Bloom Face Yoga


Work With Me





What Clients are saying...

Bloom Face Yoga Clients
Bloom Face Yoga Clients
Bloom Face Yoga Clients

Sana, 51

Reema, 68

Roshie, 43

"Face yoga with Vidhya has been an eye-opener literally and figuratively. I am so happy with the way I look naturally without going to extreme measures or using toxic products. With face yoga, you get the tools to look your best at any age. Plus, it just flows with my holistic approach to life. The routine has so easily been accommodated to my existing lifestyle."

“As we age, we don’t like our reflection in the mirror. This program has made me start loving myself. Vidhya is so dedicated, inspiring, and patient. The way she guided me through all the poses and altered them according to my needs, always keeping a check on me, I really loved walking and learning on this journey with her”

“The FSM helped me improve my overall sense of self-worth and regain my lost self-confidence, positivity. patience, mental and physical transformation. The weekly video coaching calls and gentle reminders helped me stay on track. Initially, I was very apprehensive to join this program, but now I feel super happy with this first step and a great beginning towards aging gracefully. I'm satisfied. Truly worth and value for money."

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