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Hi there! I'm Vidhya

I am so happy to connect with you! I am here to make you embrace your age, age confidently, and fall in love

with yourself. 



A Little About Me, Before We Dive Into You… 

I'm a Certified Face Yoga Coach, mom to two beautiful kids, fitness enthusiast, a lifelong learner, seeker of a holistic, natural, and positive approach to living life, a passionate entrepreneur, founder of Bloom Face Yoga, and creator of the Transformational Face Yoga Coaching Program ‘The Face Sculpting Method’.  

I help women prevent, reduce and reverse the signs of aging on their face naturally without the use of toxic chemicals, expensive skincare products, and invasive injectables and surgical procedures so that they can look and feel their absolute best at any age. 

I am dedicated to helping you stop feeling helpless and frustrated about aging, take charge of the aging on your face and become the best version of yourself no matter your age.  

About a couple of years back as I was approaching 40, I started to notice my face changing and inevitably giving in to the process of aging. Now, I am the kind of woman who loves to live my life thinking “Age is just a number”. In my mind, I knew I didn’t feel 40, and my biological age didn’t matter or affect the way I wanted to live life. I ate clean and exercised to stay fit, but my face started to tell a different story. 

For years, the Big Beauty Industry has led us to believe that the answer to women seeking beauty and anti-aging solutions lies in the things that are external and outside of ourselves. We are promised miracles in a jar/bottle through expensive skin products or the other options were invasive cosmetic procedures like Botox, fillers, and other injectables or even worse……..going under the knife for surgical procedures. 

Being an advocate for a natural holistic approach to life, invasive procedures were not an option for me, the skincare products didn’t give me the desired results. 

Just when I started to feel helpless and resigned to accept the signs of aging on the face as inevitable, is when I discovered

 FACE YOGA and through Face yoga, I gained back my confidence and the ability to take charge of my face in my own hands in a natural and holistic way. Face Yoga helped me connect with myself, understand the mind-body connection at a deeper level, and set me on an eternal journey of self-love. 

Now, It’s Your Turn… 

It’s your turn to wake up and enjoy the empowered feeling of knowing that you can age on your own terms. It’s your turn to stop dreading your birthdays and looking at yourself in the pictures. It’s your turn and your time is NOW. 

I want you to wake up excited and confident to face the world! Aging doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It doesn’t mean that you have to find excuses to stay away from pictures or feel frustrated and helpless not knowing what to do. It doesn’t mean you have to spend the rest of your life visiting cosmetic clinics and spending tons of money in invasive procedures that might have potential side-effects. 


The Secret To Big Transformations Lies In Simple Lifestyle Changes And Consistent

Daily Practices. 


I am not asking you to spend hours and hours making massive, intense changes to your lifestyle. You’re busy enough! Who has time to add more to their plate, right? What I am asking is that you are ready to make some SMALL changes with CONSISTENCY. That’s it! With small changes, you will have BIG, HUGE results. You will wish you’d started earlier. 


Don’t Waste Another Minute… 

Gravity is constantly working on pulling everything down including our face. The longer we wait the more difficult it is to reverse the damage caused to our face due to gravity, anatomical changes, and bad habits.  


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