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Vidhya Swaroop on Bloom Face Yoga

What you are looking for

is not out there,

it’s in YOU! 

Our Core Values and Beliefs


At Bloom Face Yoga, we fiercely believe in the concept of PRO-AGING!   

We are all familiar with ANTI-AGING. It literally means ‘against aging’. Like it or not, Aging is natural, inevitable, and a fact of life.  

So, then what is it about aging that makes us fret?  

The fact is, Aging is definitely a reason to celebrate, but what we don’t want is for our age to define our appearance.

Pro- Aging is the concept of realizing that the solution to all our aging concerns is not in the external solutions we seek that are defined by the Beauty Industry but it’s in our own hands and within us.  

It’s about finding beauty within you rather than seeking it outside. It’s about aging on your own terms and not letting age define your appearance. It’s about looking and feeling great naturally no matter your age and truly celebrating your age. It’s about taking control of habits that cause premature aging. It’s about feeling empowered knowing that you are in charge.  

Finally, it’s about truly embracing your age and not letting it come in the way of your life. 

You no longer need to choose between the 2 extremes of unsafe, invasive cosmetic procedures (botox, fillers, surgical lifts) and accepting your aging process and doing nothing about it.  

There is a happy in-between!  

Your Face Says It All!

Whether you are angry, upset, happy, sad, surprised, excited, shocked, stressed, healthy, sick, have underlying issues in your body, ………YOUR FACE SAY’S IT ALL! 

Our foundational belief is that the health of your face is influenced by physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies ensures that we consider the whole person, the environment, and their current state of wellness. 

Your face is closely connected to everything else in your body, your mind, and your emotions. At Bloom Face Yoga, while we do take pride at bring amazing transformations to our client’s faces, we also work on helping them transform internally, develop pro-aging habits, positive mindset, and focus not just on achieving a toned and lifted face but also on an overall healthy lifestyle. 

We take a holistic approach to combat the signs of aging on the face, addressing the 3 most important factors that affect facial aging which we call our 3 Pillars:

3 Pillars

01 Awareness

Incorrect use of facial muscles and bad facial habits play a big factor in the aging of the face. At FSM, we work at identifying your bad facial habits that is accelerating your facial aging, reversing them, and creating awareness in using your facial muscles correctly  

02 Lifestyle

Your lifestyle, habits, and mindset play a big role in the way your face ages. At FSM, we look into your lifestyle and habits that are accelerating your aging and work towards replacing them with habits that slow down or reverse your aging. 



Facial Exercises

03 Facial Exercises

Your face has around 50 muscles that need to be exercised regularly just like your body to keep it taut and toned and to mitigate the effects of gravity and muscle atrophy. At FSM, we focus on helping you develop a facial exercise routine that best suits your face. 


 "It’s not about reverse aging or turning back the clock… It’s about being the best version of yourself at any age." - Vidhya


Every Woman Is Unique 

We understand that every woman is unique and so is her face, her concerns, her lifestyle, and her habits. We offer a customized execution plan that will put you on a path of seeking the results you desire. 

Not all facial exercises are meant for everybody and many poses require customization.  

Treat the cause, not the symptom 

If the underlying issues are not identified and resolved, the symptoms will always reoccur. We go deeper into understanding the underlying causes that are showing up as aging signs on the face and work on fixing the root cause rather than just focusing on the symptoms. This ensures that you achieve great results which are long-lasting. 

Focus on Results & Transformation 

WE are not just teaching you Face yoga. We focus on getting you the results and offering both external and internal transformation to our clients. We work at making our clients understand the underlying principles of face yoga and equip them with the necessary knowledge and tools to give them the confidence to tackle any concerns about their faces even after the program. We work on making face yoga a way of life for our clients so that they continue to reap the benefits of the program for the rest of their lives. Our clients leave the program feeling aware, empowered, confident, and knowing exactly what they need to do to age beautifully. 

"Transformation is a journey without a final destination."

– Marilyn Ferguson 

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