"Awareness helps you make better choices."

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Face Yoga?

Face yoga is a combination of awareness, facial exercises, acupressure and relaxation techniques that work together to help you prevent, reduce and reverse the signs of aging naturally to give you a well-toned and healthy-looking face. The exercises also increase blood circulation to the face thus increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the face resulting in glowing skin.

Does Face Yoga really work?

YES!! YES!! YES!! But only if you DO the work.

What are the specific concerns that Face yoga can help with?

Face yoga can help you prevent, reduce and reverse the following aging signs on the face.

  • Wrinkles and Lines

    • Worry lines

    • 11 lines

    • Crows feet

    • Laugh Lines

    • Marionette lines

    • Lines below the eyes

  • Sagging

    • Jowls

    • Hooded Eye

    • Festoons / Malar Bags

    • Flat cheeks

    • Turkey neck

  • Puffiness

    • Eye bags

    • Double chin

    • Fluid retention on face

    • Sinus issues

  • Asymmetry

    • Uneven Eyes / Eyebrows

    • Uneven Smile

    • Uneven Cheeks

  • Neck & Shoulders Posture

    • Forward Head/Neck Posture

    • Rounded shoulders

  • Skin Tone

    • Dark Circles

    • Uneven skin tone

    • Pigmentation

Overall, it helps in achieving a healthy, toned, and defined face. It also helps in relaxing your mind, relieving your stress, connecting with yourself and improving your overall wellbeing.

*Please Note: Results may vary based on the individual.

I have seen Face Yoga work for others, but will it work for me?

YES! It works for anybody with muscles on their face which of course we all have.

Can practicing Face Yoga create or worsen the wrinkles and lines on my face?

Yes and No!! Yes, if practiced incorrectly. No, if performed correctly under proper guidance. When practiced correctly, Face Yoga can help soften and erase fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

Will face yoga work if I have used BOTOX recently or in the past?

Botox freezes the muscles in a particular area. So, if you have used Botox recently, it may be difficult for you to move the muscles in that area. But exercising other parts of the face, should be okay.

If it’s been a while since you used Botox and the effects have worn off, then it’s perfectly fine to start your face yoga practice.

When is the best time to start Face Yoga?

You are never too young or too old to start Face Yoga. Face yoga benefits all ages. But if you are over 35, then I would say that the best time to start Face Yoga is NOW!!

This is the time your face starts to change and show signs of aging. Gravity, anatomical changes, lack of awareness, and bad facial habits are working against you every single moment pulling everything down including your face. The sooner you start the better control you have over the results and avoid further damage to your face.

There is one common thing that I hear from all my clients all the time and that is “I wish I had started Face Yoga sooner”

So, take charge of your face NOW!!.


Is there a program that can help me? Where do I get information about it?

YES!! We a 12-week online coaching program called ‘The Face Sculpting Method’ (FSM). Please click here for more information

Why can’t I just learn from free YouTube Videos?

You can and it might help to a certain extent, but the problem is the videos on YouTube are random, unstructured, generic and confusing sometimes. In a way, Face Yoga works like body exercises. Just like you can’t reduce your belly fat by just doing crunches and you need a full body workout plan, you can’t get your desired outcome by doing random poses here and there. Also, doing the poses incorrectly might cause more damage than good.

Being a part of our program takes into consideration your specific concerns, lifestyle and underlying health concerns and gives you structure, accountability, coaching, guidance, and an overall plan to achieve a well-defined, toned and lifted face.

How much time do I need to practice every day to see the results?

Initially, when you are a part of the FSM program, 30 mins a day. Once you learn and master Face yoga, 10- 20 mins a day can give you great results. You can even practice face yoga while doing chores, driving, watching tv, or lying down on the bed. So, it’s easy to incorporate in your daily life. :)

How long does it take to see results?

Typically, 2 - 3 weeks you will start to see subtle changes. But, just like body exercises, the results vary from person to person based on several other factors like their diet, lifestyle and underlying health conditions.

Do I have to buy any products / supplements / tools to participate in the FSM Program?

No! All you need is your HANDS!! We do recommend some tools / products to enhance your results. But those are just optional and not compulsory.

Does Online Classes Work?

Yes!! It offers flexibility, convenience of practicing at home anytime and anywhere. All you need is internet access and your laptop/ tablet/ phone.

How is FSM different from other Face Yoga Programs?

Every face is unique, the individual concerns with respect to the face is also unique and the underlying reasons for those concerns are unique as well. Not all poses are for everybody and not all poses are to be performed the same way by all.

FSM is a unique program designed to work for every lifestyle, offering a combination of self-study, coaching and support. The automated program delivery system gives you a step-by-step execution for 12 weeks with pre-recorded videos, audios and pdfs. This makes it easier to practice anytime / anywhere. All you need is internet access and your laptop/ tablet/ phone. The onboarding calls, weekly coaching calls and offline support holds you accountable, on track and helps you get all your questions answers and poses customized to your unique needs.

With FSM, you get a step-by-step guidance, customized solutions and support tailored to your specific concerns and also a holistic approach to aging better and being in control of the way you age.

What kind of support do I have after the program?

You have lifetime access to the online portal. Coaching and support will only be offered for 12 weeks.

Although 12 weeks are sufficient, if you need extended support you have the option of continuing in the program on a month-on-month basis at an additional cost.