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The 7 Commandments of Face Yoga

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As more and more people are realizing and enjoying the amazing benefits that face yoga offers naturally, Face yoga is getting increasingly popular by the day.

The benefits of face yoga are amazing but only if practiced correctly. Please keep in mind that the incorrect practice can lead to undesirable effects.

If you are new to face yoga, always keep in mind these important points to maximize your benefits and fast track your results. Even if you have been practicing face yoga for a while now and think you are comfortable with it, these points can serve as a reminder for you about the ground rules of practicing face yoga.

So let’s look into these most essential elements of face yoga practice which I call as the “7 Commandments of Face Yoga”.

1. Posture:

Whether you are sitting on the floor, on a chair or standing, always keep a good posture while performing the poses. That is…….. sit tall, make sure your head is held high resting right on the top of your spine, shoulders pushed down and back, open chest, open heart.

2. Breathing:

While performing the exercises, it’s important to keep breathing and let your body follow the breath. And always remember to breathe in and out through your NOSE unless I specifically ask you to breathe out through your mouth in certain poses.

Also, we are going to try and do the BELLY BREATHING throughout all the exercises. Belly breathing is quite simple and is the natural way to breathe. Imagine your belly to be a balloon, when you breathe in, you are filling the air into the balloon and when you breathe out, you are squeezing the air out of the balloon. Your chest remains stable throughout and you should only notice the movement of your belly. If your chest is moving, that means your breathing is shallow.

3. Visualize:

At the beginning of every week, I will be showing you the picture of the muscle or the muscle group that we are focusing on. It’s always a great tip visualize, isolate and focus on the muscles you are working on. The exercises are known to be far more effective and beneficial when you visualize. Also, visualize the results you are aiming to achieve with the poses. For example: Every time you do the pose for the 11 lines, visualize as if the lines are getting more and more smoother with every repetition.

4. Mirror:

Until you learn the poses thoroughly and you are comfortable with the poses, please practice in front of the mirror. You want to absolutely make sure that while you are focusing on one part of the face, you are not creating unnecessary lines on the other parts of the face. If you notice lines on other parts of your face, use hands or fingers to avoid or smooth out the lines while performing the poses.

5. Moisturizer:

Make sure your face, neck and eye area are well moisturized before you do the face yoga exercises.

6. Have fun:

Have fun with the poses. Have fun making those silly faces…bring out the child in you and enjoy the session.

7. Pain / Discomfort:

All the poses / exercises in this program are generally safe to do. But if you have any issues with your body like neck or jaw or anything else, then you need to listen to your body and perform the poses accordingly. If you are exercising the face for the first time, some amount of sensation or a dull pain is natural just like its for the body. But if you experience too much pain / discomfort, you could either slow down or skip the pose. Basically, you are the best judge for your body. So listen to your body and perform accordingly.

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