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Hot Water Benefits

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

When I started my FACE YOGA journey about a year ago, this is the first change I made to my lifestyle. Now, this change has just become a habit and there is no thinking or effort attached to it. I simply do it all the time.

Since the time I introduced this habit in my daily routine, my body feels energized and refreshed, no mid-meal cravings, no sugar cravings, no midnight hunger pangs and most importantly no sickness and even if I do catch a cold, the recovery is super quick.

So…. here it is…. the very first FACE YOGA lifestyle tip… ‘SWITCH TO HOT/WARM DRINKING WATER’.

Now I am assuming that I don’t have to remind you of the golden rule of drinking as much water as humanly possible to keep the skin hydrated and keep your body functioning optimally. But, let me do it anyways…Our skin is made up of 64% of water. A well hydrated skin looks plum, glowing, and youthful. But hot water ups your game. You know why a dishwasher uses hot water right? Because it’s easier to wash off all the grime and grease with hot water. Hot water works the same way for our bodies. One glass of hot water right before going to bed, cleanses and soothes your internal systems. And one glass of hot water on empty stomach before you start your day activates your internal systems and preps it for the day.

Hot Water Benefits
  • It stimulates the digestion

  • hydrates deeper tissues

  • activates lymphatic drainage

  • flushes out the toxins.

  • When you drink cold water, the body needs to spend extra energy to bring it to your body temperature which is not the case with hot water.

Now, here are a few questions that you might have.

How hot should the water be?

Well, I like my water hot just like you drink tea as I am used to it. You can start with warm water higher than your body temperature and gradually experiment and find a temperature that your body likes.

When should I drink hot water?

I drink it throughout the day and keep my thermos with me and carry it to my work out, my desk while I am working and also next to my bed in the night . I don’t like cold or normal water anymore. You can start with 2 times, one in the morning on empty stomach and one in the night right before bed.

How much hot water should I drink?

One cup of hot water each in the morning and at night but make sure that for the rest of the day you keep the water intake (whatever temperature that might be) consistent by taking small sips / glasses instead of gulping down lots of water in one go. If you are waiting to get thirsty, let me tell you that it’s too late and your body is showing sign that its already dehydrated.

What if I don’t like the taste?

Drink it anyways…you will get used to it.

One simple motivation for you to start today is….. generally speaking, ‘VIRUSES DETEST HOT WATER’ (Did I see a bulb glow in your head??)

Now that you have read the whole post, you must be wondering what has this got to do with FACE YOGA? Well, Pro-aging starts with great skin and great health. Start following this tip and notice that your skin and body will be thankful.

So, go grab a glass of hot water and start your practice today!

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