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My Face Yoga Journey - Part 1

Updated: May 21, 2021

Well hello there,

I often come across people who are curious to know how I discovered Face yoga and why I decided to become a Face Yoga Coach. In this post, I am going to share with you briefly my journey of Face Yoga, where and how I started and why I am so passionate about it.

A few years ago, just like many of you, I stumbled upon Face Yoga through an Ad. At that time, face yoga was unheard off. It intrigued me. I read about it and again, like many of us do, I forgot about it completely after that.

A couple of years back as I was approaching 40, I started to notice that my face was changing and had started to show early signs of aging. It wasn’t the same as it used to be. Up until then, I had taken my face for granted. I was exercising and managing to stay fit, and I thought that was enough. I never really gave a thought about my face. But now suddenly, I was like “Oh my God, it’s happening!!”

I remember thinking “I wish there was a way to keep my face toned and fit just like my body”. I remember feeling helpless and convincing myself that it was okay for my face to start aging and it happens to everybody. Just that, I struggled to accept it and do nothing about it.

Being a seeker of holistic approach to life, invasive procedures didn’t feel like an option for me. With respect to all the so called “Anti -Aging” skin care products, even back then without all the knowledge I have now, I was wise enough to know that no creams and lotions can lift a sagging face, reduce a double chin or get rid of deep lines on the face.

Just as I was struggling to find a way to do something… anything …. or at least find a way to slow the aging process down, guess what happened? I stumbled upon the same Face yoga Ad one more time. And this time I knew that this was the solution I was looking for.

Let’s admit it. Who doesn’t want to look and feel good? We all do! And age has nothing to do with it. So when there is a natural, effective way to look and feel great at any age, why not give it a shot, right?

From then on, began a journey that became the turning point in my life.

When I started my Face yoga journey, the first thing that blew my mind away was how ignorant we all are about our own habits that accelerates our facial aging process and how big a role, ‘Awareness’ plays in our aging process. It was eye-opening and frustrating (at the same time) to just realize how I had been damaging my own face simply because I lacked the awareness. And to know that there were so many simple things that I could have done/not done that would have helped me avoid several concerns I had about my face, made me really wish that I knew all this sooner.

However, the regret of not having started Face yoga earlier didn’t stay with me for too long. Very soon I realized that it doesn’t matter that I started late. All that mattered was that I started. I knew I could reverse the damages I had done to my face to quite an extent and also change the way I age in the future. That thought alone gave me a feeling of empowerment and confidence.

Many people think that Face Yoga means just face exercises. But that’s not true for me. Face yoga is much more than that. It is a way of life. It is about learning to age better and live better as you move through the journey of life. It is a path to discovering self-love.

And if you are wondering, Face yoga didn’t change my face immediately. In fact, I didn’t see much of a difference for months. But somehow everything I learned about Face yoga made sense to me and it seemed so logical. So, I kept my faith and continued my practice (but not very diligently). I didn’t bother to take many comparison pictures as I didn’t want to be de-motivated with lack of results. One fine day, after about 5 months, I did finally compare my pictures. And Boy!! My face was toned, more defined and more symmetrical compared to before. That was enough for me to believe this works and keep it going.

And to be honest, more than the physical changes the internal changes that you experience along the way like the positivity, confidence, falling in love with myself and with life were far more enticing.

Over the next few months, face yoga became a way of life for me and gave me a direction and confidence to embrace aging and age beautifully. Exactly what I had been looking for.

This is my story of how I discovered Face Yoga, became a Face Yogi and my journey along the way.

Stay tuned for my next post (My Face Yoga Journey – Part 2), where I share my journey of transformation from being a Face Yogi to becoming a Face Yoga Coach.

See you again!! 😊

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