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You Are Also How You Eat

You must have definitely heard of the saying “You are what you eat?’ While everyone on this planet seem to be obsessed about what to eat, unfortunately no one seems to be concerned about how to eat.

Have you ever paid attention to how you eat your food?

Like ‘WHERE’ you chew your food and ‘HOW’ you chew?

The way you chew your food is a game changer in your overall wellbeing ….Yet, most ignored fact.

First let’s talk about…

Where you chew your food?

Until I discovered Face yoga, I was guilty of chewing food on my right side all the time. I started with this habit as I had a gap in my teeth on the left which led to food getting stuck there and causing discomfort.

Eventually, I got the teeth gap fixed but the habit continued.

This led to an obvious asymmetry on my face with my right-side cheek being bigger and plumper and left-side cheek almost flat.

Now there are muscles in your cheeks and jaw. What do you think will happen if you do bicep curls only on one side, ignoring the other?

Well…..That’s what happened to my face!

Once I was enlightened by this awareness, I was so determined to achieve balance on my face that I started chewing ……..This time only on the left-side building and strengthening my muscles on that side…to match my right-side cheek.

Did I see a change?


My cheeks started to look more balanced……..But I also noticed another change…

My chin had shifted slightly towards the left due to jaw misalignment caused by chewing only on left side this time

So… lessons from this story?


If you have issues on one side of the teeth which is inhibiting your ability to chew on that side, get an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible and fix it.

Even if aesthetics is not your concern, jaw misalignment can lead to far serious issues like TMJ syndrome (can be googled), pain, lockjaw and your mouth tilting towards one side while speaking.

So, this was about ‘Where you chew?’….

Something equally or probably more important is ‘HOW YOU CHEW?’

Hop on to the next post ‘Drink your food’ to find out more.

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